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Is a meat share right for you?

Let's be honest, purchasing meat by a whole or half animal can be intimidating. Most folks are used to buying meat by the piece or two at the grocery store, it's just what we've gotten used to. But that method isn't right for everyone! The following questions will help you find the meat that is right for you.

Do you like knowing where your food comes from? This is definitely one of the biggest reasons our customers cite for wanting to get meat locally. When you buy from a local farmer, you can see exactly where that animal lived their life. You know how much pasture they enjoyed, how clean their environment was, and how much some really kind people cared for them.

Do you love meat? One of our favorite things about our meat is that it tastes crazy good! Our animals live outside, bask in the sunshine, and eat a super diverse, delicious diet. You can taste this difference. If you are looking to eat the yummiest sausage you have ever had or put out a stunning roast that will wow your friends and family, this meat is definitely for you.

Are you comparing prices with the grocery store? Let's get right to it. Humanely pasture-raised meats are just not designed to compete with grocery store prices. Those prices are low for a reason: the quality is low. There is absolutely nothing wrong with searching for a deal, we've all been there and there are times when snagging a good deal is so satisfying! But that isn't really the point of buying local meat.

Are you excited for a little challenge? Buying meat by the whole or half animal means you get a lot of scrumptious sausage... but it isn't all sausage. You'll also be getting some cuts that you haven't cooked (or maybe heard of) before! If this makes your culinary brain a little giddy, it's definitely a good fit. We promise it'll all be delicious and if you get stumped, you can always check out our recipes for inspiration.

So what do you think? If it's a good fit, head over to purchase or reserve your share now! If you have questions, send us a note - we're always happy to chat.

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